Skincare Products - An Unexpected Source Of Harmful Chemicals

Would you believe me if I told you that by the time you walk out of the house each day that you have exposed your body to over 100 toxic chemicals?

As you search for ways to minimize the amount of harmful toxins in your home, you must look beyond green cleaning and organic foods—to the skincare and beauty products you use each day. Personal skincare and beauty products are loosely regulated, and most regulations for ingredients have minimally changed since the 1930s—when there were few skincare and beauty products to choose from.

Check out the cosmetics database at the Environmental Working Group's website Skin Deep. 


Your Skin Is Your Body’s Largest Organ


The average woman uses 12 skincare and beauty products daily, men use around 8, and teenagers average as many as 17 products each day. If these products are not made from natural and organic sources, you are exposing your body’s largest organ—your skin, to between 80 and 500 toxic chemicals each day.

Reducing The Chemicals In Your Skincare and Beauty Products Is Easier Than You Might Think!


The good news is, that it is easier than you might think to either eliminate, or drastically reduce you and your family’s exposure to the harmful chemicals present in most department and drug store skincare and beauty products. Next time you shop, search for natural, organic, and chemical-free daily products such as:

·         Bar soap

·         Liquid soap

·         Shampoo

·         Conditioner

·         Hair care products

·         Body lotion

·         Lip balm

·         Toothpaste

·         Mouthwash

·         Facial moisturizer

·         Cosmetics

You might have to test a few natural brands and skincare products until you find comparable alternatives, but most product swaps will be easy to find—and may even deliver better results than your previous products.

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