The Dirtiest Places in Your Home!

Germs, bacteria and viruses are everywhere. Most are harmless, however some can lead to illness or even serious infections. Don't worry! I'm going to let you know some of the most common places germs like to linger in your home, so you can eliminate them. 

Kitchen - The kitchen is home to more germs than most other rooms of the house. More specifically, sponges, rags, and cutting boards are the most common hiding places for bacteria. Clean your kitchen often, and make sure sponges and rags are left to dry after each use. Don’t chop vegetables on a cutting board used to trim meat, poultry or fish. Make sure to fully sanitize in between use, and replace your cutting board when it becomes deeply scratched. 

TIP: Microwaving a wet sponge for a few minutes will kill most harmful bacteria. Just be careful, the sponge will be hot! 

Bathroom - To most peoples surprise, the bathroom, or even the toilet is not the dirtiest place in your home! Most people would assume the bathroom contains the most germs for obvious reasons. However the dirtiest item in your bathroom is probably not what you think. Toothbrushes!!! Brushing transfers plaque, bacteria and more to your toothbrush. After each use, rinse the toothbrush with water and shake several times. Store upright to allow the toothbrush to air dry. Replace it every three months.


Living Room - Often used, but rarely cleaned, the TV remote can be full of germs, especially if you have little ones around. Doorknobs are a similar situation, everyone in the house touches them but they rarely get cleaned. When you touch a doorknob, you touch the hand of everyone who was there before you. So especially when out in public, make sure to wash your hands, and clean your own doorknobs often. An all natural multi purpose cleaner, or white vinegar diluted in water work great. 

Bedroom - Although the bedroom has many of the same items as the rest of the house, such as remotes and doorknobs. I want to mention the item that most likely carries more germs than any other place in your home! Phones! Cellphones, and even house phones are hardly ever cleaned, and used constantly. Most people use their cell more than any other item they own, and just the way germs are transferred to doorknobs, occurs with your phone. Think of all the things you touch everyday, and then pick up your phone right after. Things can get dirty quick, so we recommend sanitizing your phone daily. Most natural cleaners are safe for electronics. Make sure the phone is unplugged and turned off, spray the cleaning solution on a microfiber cloth, and wipe down the entire phone. Cotton swabs can be used to get in between the buttons and hard to reach areas. 


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