Reducing Your Energy Consumption Is Easier Than You Think

Reducing your energy consumption will not only reduce your monthly utility bill, but will go a long way in greening your lifestyle. A common misconception is that you will need to drastically change your lifestyle, or make substantial financial investments to make a noticeable difference. However, reducing your energy usage is easier than you might think.

Maximize The Internet Of Things


As more of our day-to-day life becomes electronically connected, it might seem as if your energy consumption is increasing. However, the Internet of Things actually offers multiple smart energy solutions. As you transition to technology that allows you to monitor and manage your home or office remotely, select systems that provide energy reports. These reports will help you to accurately measure the trends in usage, and will offer tips for improving efficiency—such as the best times of day to adjust your automated temperature, or run major appliances.

Make Smart Energy Investments



Next time you head to your local home improvement or electronics store, do your homework. Almost everything that plugs in is now available in a “smart” alternative. Sometimes these smart solutions will cost a bit more up front, but will deliver significant financial savings in terms of energy efficiency. As always, look for the Energy Star product certification. Each product with this certification will provide you with an estimated monthly or annual cost savings.

Go Solar



Did you know that you can go solar without installing solar panels? Installing a full solar power solution to your home or business is a substantial investment, but an easy alternative is to invest in solar products. From outdoor solar lighting, to solar electronics chargers, sporting equipment, and phone chargers—you can easily reduce your energy consumption by harnessing the power of the sun.




In this case, unplugging has nothing to do with going electronics-free—but to physically unplugging appliances and electronics when not in use. Even if turned off, “energy vampires” continue to consume energy. By simply unplugging you can reduce your overall home or office energy consumption by as much as 10%. Some of the easiest items to unplug include:

·         Electronics chargers

·         Counter top appliances—toaster, coffee maker, etc.

·         Laptop or computer

·         TV

·         Lamps

·         Entertainment system

Unplugging is not always convenient, so invest in smart energy power strips that will not draw power when turned off.

These are just a handful of fast and easy ways to successfully reduce your energy consumption, without making too many changes to your daily routine.

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