Be Water Wise! Easy Tips for Water Conservation

A Few Easy Ways to Conserve Water

Conservation is one of the key aspects to a sustainable lifestyle, therefore, we must all do our small part to save more than we use, and to use enough without wasting. Perhaps the one good thing that came out of this year's drought is that it finally opened our eyes to the importance of nurturing our most important resource. Simply put, if we run out of clean, drinkable water, we will cease to exist, and although the earth is covered with the wet stuff, only about one percent of it is drinkable. Lucky for us, one percent is more than enough if we use it wisely. Below are a few easy ways to conserve water.

A Few Easy Ways to Conserve Water:

·         Upgrade to water efficient appliances: Not only can you save up to 40 percent of water usage by upgrading to more efficient appliances, but making the switch can also save you money on your water bill. You can upgrade to low-flow toilets, faucets, and showerheads as well as more water-efficient clothes washers and dishwashers. 

·         Compost: Compost your food scraps instead of using the garbage disposal.

·         Install No touch faucets: No touch faucets will spare valuable water from needlessly being sent down the drain. They only run when your hands are underneath and automatically turn off when it is removed. 

·         Maintain water barrels: Collect rainwater in barrels and then use the water to do things like wash your car, water your plants and garden as well as mop the floors and wash the dog.

·         Never let the water run: Make an effort to turn off your hose, fill a cup while brushing your teeth and fill a soap dish when washing the dishes, this small act can save gallons of water.

·         Take shorter showers: Make an effort to take shorter showers and wash your hair less often. 

·         Irrigate your lawn: Irrigating your lawn will help you maintain your landscaping without using wasteful sprinklers.

·         Fix leaky pipes: Check all of the pipes in your home and get them fixed and properly insulated.

In addition to actively conserving your water usage,  continue to spread the word on the importance of conservation, so that more people begin to value the earth's resources and start living more sustainably. 

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